BOOK LAUNCH Performance

Q&A + Interview with Luka Lesson

The Ancient Greek types of Love, in a Rap Novella.

Join us for an intimate conversation delving into Luka Lesson's latest work, "Agapi & Other Kinds of Love", followed by mesmerizing performances where he brings the book to life with his unique style and passion.

Permission to be captivated by the power of spoken word as Luka's poetry resonates with a sold-out live audience.

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"Luka never fails to delight in this vibrant & beautiful dive into love..."


Meet the Author.

Luka Lesson is a poet, rapper and educator of Greek heritage born in Brisbane. His work crosses between the history of his family homeland, the fiercely political and the vulnerably self-reflective. Luka's performances have been touted as some of the greatest examples of spoken word and rap the country has seen.

A former Australian Poetry Slam Champion (2011), Luka has featured at the mecca for slam poetry: Nuyorican Poet's Cafe (NYC), performed with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and toured with respected UK rappers Akala & Lowkey. Luka has released three collections of poetry independently: 
The Future Ancients (2013), Antidote (2015) and now, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love (2023).


"Luka is a genuine artist of high quality whose words are powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness"

- Dr Cornel West (Philosopher)

"Luka is the kind of poet other poets want to be. Other poets want to be honest"

- Shane Koyczan (Poet)

"Words make worlds, Luka knows this. His mouth is a creation story and we are all better for it"

- Dominique Christina (Poet)


Traversing the Depths of Love: Agapi and Beyond.

Agapi & Other Kinds of Love starts with Socrates, telling a banquet of friends everything he learned from a mysterious lover named: Diotima.

The gods then take the reader on a journey - collapsing time to arrive in modern day Athens, where two reincarnations of the ancient lovers fall in love (again) in the midst of a riot, beneath the shadows of the Acropolis.

The lovers, both modern and ancient, then encounter the 7 kinds of love: Eros, Storgy, Filoxenia, Philautia, Filia, Pragma and the ultimate: Agapi. Self-love, erotic love, the love of the stranger, familial love and more, all collide with marble statues of Aphrodite, protestor's chants and the Parthenon's steps.

Equal parts rap novella and classical history lesson, Agapi & Other Kinds of Love shows us how love prevails despite the trials and tribulations of the ages.

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"Agapi & Other Kinds of Love is a romance throughout space and time told in rolling verse. With an excellent rhythm and natural flow, the story expertly weaves the stories together through time. I enjoyed watching the two sets of lovers experience the forms of love and realize the impact that their love can have. I especially loved the notes that Chaos adds on at the end, bringing additional insight and humor."

~ Anonymous Review

Agapi & Other Kinds of Love
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